Bue Grasso [Earl Grey Pound Cake]

thumb_dsc_0526_1024One of the things I love about the restaurant/food industry in Ottawa is the collaboration that exists between many business owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, brewers, etc. (In fact – I was lucky enough to write about that very topic in the latest Edible Ottawa magazine! Subtle plug, I know.) Through having the opportunities to write beyond my little neglected blog I’ve loved getting to meet and know many of the people that feed this city. It’s nice, too, that it sometimes overlaps with Tristan’s community, colleagues, and friends.

Matt Gardiner is one of those aforementioned entrepreneurial industry folk. After hosting Continue reading

Té en Cordoba


My twin brother is visiting me this week and we are spending this weekend in Cordoba!
After a busy day of sightseeing in the city, we’re taking a quick break at this lovely Moroccan tea house before exploring some more — this is my first time posting from my iPhone!
It’s also our first time couch surfing and so far it’s a great experience.

This year was the first time (the last “first time” I’ll mention here, I promise!) Thomas and I were apart for our birthday so I was super excited to find out he was joining me in Spain just a few days after:) Looking forward to sharing more with my many loyal followers (Hi mum!)…hasta luego! xx



Chocolate Orange Biscotti

As you may have guessed from previous posts (see here and here), I quite like tea. By extension, I guess it’s not surprising that I also really like biscotti; perfect for tea and coffee dunking! These treats are fun and easy to make, and the result is a biscotti that rivals any coffee shop’s, but better cause they’re yours and oh-so-fresh!
I love the combination of chocolate and orange in almost any form, so this recipe seemed perfect.

I only made a few modifications: added a teaspoon more orange zest, used bittersweet chocolate chips and left out the nuts so that my brother could enjoy these, too! These were a big hit. Happy weekend, you guys!

Perfect for a rainy day.

Tea Time Cookies

I’ve talked before about my love for tea (would anyone like a slice of dark chocolate Earl Grey tart??). But I think it’s become more about my tea making ritual while slogging through exams: I put the kettle on to boil, I waste a few minutes doing something fun, and when my tea is steeped and ready that means it’s time to stop goofing off and get to work. (Most of the time this routine works for me, don’t judge!)
With the end of exams around the corner, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I thought I’d share these cute cookies with y’all.  My super-cool and lovely friend Kaitlin provided the inspiration for these little tea bag cookies (thanks girlie!). Since I was already making a batch of sugar cookies (recipe here) at the time, that’s what I used for these ones, but how much fun would it be to actually make tea-flavoured dough? (A spiced Chai? Earl Grey, anyone? Martha Stewart also has a recipe for green tea shortbread that I’ve been wanting to try…any other suggestions? Let your creativitea flow!)I cut out the tea-bag shapes free hand, and made a little hole at the top of each one with a sterilized nail.  Once they were baked I tied on their little tea labels and dipped the bottom of each one in melted chocolate — these are perfect for dunking in your tea. If you want to save these for your next tea party (or late night study session…) just layer them in a container with parchment paper between each layer, and you can freeze them for a couple of months.
Happy Sunday/Study Day!

That crazy time of year when exams and singing competitions collide…

A Match Brewed in Dessert Heaven [Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Tart]

I am a tea drinker. It fits all occasions. Early mornings, pity parties, long talks, steamy dates, nights of insomnia, last minute cramming, cozying up on the couch...through it all there has been one man: Earl Grey. Though I certainly appreciate variety in my tea cup, I think the Earl and I have a serious and lasting relationship. What better way to show my love for the Earl than to pair him with another one of my favourite things? Cue a decadent Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Tart.

Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Tart with Earl Grey Whipped Cream

This dessert even got the nod from my mother, and she’s my (most loving) harshest critic! Even if you’re not a big tea fan, the subtle-tea (I promise to stop…) of the bergamot flavoring adds a really lovely dimension to the dessert. As long as you like chocolate, you’re good to go. Something this decadent shouldn’t be so easy to make…