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Well, I still have rhubarb recipes gathering dust in my drafts file and I had hoped to post those before popping back here to simply announce that the next instalment of Kate’s Plate is live over at Ottawa Magazine (online and in print!), and yet here I am. Something about the best laid plans going awry…berry prep Continue reading

The Eh List [Strawberries with Marscapone and Ricotta Mousse]

canadadaydessertparliamentmosaikacanadaberriesHappy Canada Day! I have always been a proud Canuck, but I think living abroad this past year made me even more patriotic (although I really think this guy is ruining our international rep…). Part of my job while teaching in Spain was actually to be a “cultural ambassador” and I happily obliged ( and fulfilled the stereotype of traveling around with my flag on my knapsack).

Canadians Spartans

Canadians Spartans

In general, the Spaniards (and pretty much everyone else) that I met while living abroad did not know much about the true north strong and free, but that didn’t surprise me; I think we Canadians are used to people not knowing about us, eh? But the stereotypes! Despite any lack of familiarity with the country, the stereotypes were still abundant (apparently Spaniards think we are always on horses?). welcomeI wasn’t bothered by it at all — I found it funny, and was happy to share some Canadian tidbits (timbits?). So, with us celebrating Canada’s 146th birthday, I thought it might be fun to share the most frequently asked questions I heard this year… The Eh List

Wimbledon Twice! Make Some Scones!

Some people call it stuffy, but I think Wimbledon might be my favourite tennis tournament. It’s old, it’s prestigious, it’s classy.  I love the traditions, the white outfits, the grass, the pineapple atop of the quirky trophy, and the strawberries and cream that are a must for any Wimbledon breakfast.  This year, I’m excited to be getting a double dose of tennis at the All England Lawn Tennis Club — first we had the Grand Slam tournament earlier this summer and now the Olympics back at Wimbledon for London 2012…yipee!

Raonic and Tsonga shake hands after setting a record for the longest third set ever at the Olympics.

Raonic and Tsonga shake hands after setting a record for the longest third set ever at the Olympics.

Canadians got to cheer on Milos Raonic yesterday as he put up an impressive fight in a  marathon match against the 5th seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France. It was a nail biter, and I’m sure the lucky people in the stadium were pretty happy with the tennis they paid to see!

While I’m a pretty big Federer fan –I was thrilled when he won his 7th Wimbledon Championship this year– now that our Canadian contender is out I think I’ll be rooting for Andy Murray. I’ve never really been enamored with the Scottish tennis player, but after his hard-fought final against Federer a few weeks ago I think he’s deserving of a big win! Wouldn’t it be fun to see Murray win gold in front of the home crowd?? I think so!

Roger Federer and Andy Murray after the Wimbledon 2012 final.  via

Visiting Wimbledon last summer…someday I’ll make it for the tournament!

With all this tennis at Wimbledon you have to indulge in a Wimbledon breakfast (not that you have to wait for tennis to have a good breakfast)! The traditional strawberries and cream, English breakfast tea, a mimosa if you want to get fancy and fresh warm scones will compliment your British tennis viewing very nicely. I’m usually all for adapting recipes to make them healthier, but I think you should treat these scones as an indulgence and just go for the full buttery goodness. (I’m sure that is the proper English way of doing it anyway, right?) Enjoy the Olympics!

Blueberry Buttermilk Scones

Sprummer Simplicity [Strawberry Spinach Salad]

Is it crazy that I already feel the summer flying by? Between a summer job and trying to have as much fun as possible, I’m finding (as usual!) that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I just want to gallivant around town, read through the stack of novels that gets totally neglected during the school year, and play in the kitchen… meanwhile, my parents are quite concerned about my messy room (this may be a con to living at home when you’re twenty, but I love my parents.).

Ottawa has been getting some glorious weather lately, and to take advantage of this beautiful, fleeting sprummer (calendar says spring, feels like summer = sprummer. I didn’t invent this word, but I love it!) I’m a big fan of throwing together easy, fresh salads with seasonal produce.

A beautiful hike along the Luskville Falls trail in Gatineau Park. (Next time you’re making a smoothie, throw a little fresh mint in. It’s so refreshing!)

With the farmers markets that are popping up around the city, fresh produce is one of the best ways to celebrate the season.  The Locavore Artisan Food Fair that I talked about a couple weeks ago was a big hit!

Donuts from Suzy Q(spicy chocolate, raspberry white chocolate, and lemon meringue…so good!); people lined up for delicious takeaway from the Stone Soup Foodworks truck; the Flatbread Pizza Company’s exciting Locavore-day menu.

Another great thing about the sunny weather? Sunny weddings! Congrats, Josh & Maria! xo

With The Great Glebe Garage Sale, a potluck dinner, karaoke, more tennis, and sunshine on the horizon it looks like this weekend is shaping up to be another fun one. I’m such a lucky gal. Maybe I’ll even get to cleaning that messy room…
What are you up to this weekend?? Have fun!
Spinach and Strawberry Salad