La Feria de abril

20130425-003704.jpgRainbows of skirts, flowers, and snapping fans. Horses. Fiery flamenco and fried fish. Blazing sun, frosty rebujitos. Tradición. Welcome to la Feria de Abril de Sevilla! 20130425-010212.jpg20130425-010148.jpg20130425-010219.jpg With a week of singing, dancing, drinking and showing off your finest Sevillana moves (and outfits), la Feria de abril is just one giant party. The atmosphere was contagious and for me, seeing all the amazing flouncy skirts was reason enough to go! With horses and carriages taking over the streets, and everyone dressed in their traditional finery it felt like another era. To be honest, it all seemed a little bourgeois, but the feria de Abril in Sevilla certainly dresses to impress, and I loved it. Spain does it again!20130425-082111.jpg20130425-082118.jpg20130425-082128.jpg

Plaza de España y el Festival de las Naciones

I made my first trip outside of Huelva last weekend, and spent three days in Sevilla.  What a beautiful city.  The architecture, the sights, the music, the food…it was all lovely.  I traveled with one of my roommates who has friends in Sevilla, and we were lucky enough to stay with them for the weekend and be shown around the city.

Our group at Plaza de Espana — can you see the rainbow?

Plaza de España was absolutely breathtaking.  The ceramics, the beautifully painted tiles, the stone work, the impressive building itself — it truly looks like it is out of a fairy tale. We were there on a perfect day and after finding “our” provinces painted around the plaza we wandered over to the Festival de las Naciones.

“we live here!”

Just past the plaza, the festival had a wide array of international goods: jewelry, clothing, incense, books, and of course, food.  Despite the terrible omission of a Canadian food stall (Seville’s loss!), the diversity of the food being made in this one location was impressive.  The entire area smelled of a delicious mix of spices, meats, and desserts — it was really hard to only pick a couple things to try! The “Cuban” stall was only selling rum based cocktails, that’s where the party was…and a dramatic fight that we witnessed. It was the perfect end to our long day of walking around town, and a great way to start off the night before hitting the town. Gracias, Sevilla!
I’ll let you guess which countries are represented above. Tricky, I know.