La Sangria de Mama


(I tried to blog at airports, but wasn’t having much luck actually posting what I was writing, so here is a belated post, maybe two, now that I have internet!)

Just said goodbye to my family and waltzed through security. Am now waiting to board my flight (thank goodness for free wifi at YOW) with butterflies in my stomach. I am so excited for this little adventure; when I decided to stay home for my undergrad, I planned that hopefully one of those years would be spent abroad. At the same time, I am definitely a bit of homebody and saying goodbye to my family at the airport made me tear up! And so here I am waiting for a flight to Madrid and re-reading the metro directions to take me from Madrid to the train to Huelva.

My mum organized a great send off party for me last Saturday. It was a lovely group of some of our new and old friends, and my family all together. There was a stellar band, Go Long(!), awesome and silly sing alongs, lots of tapas, and delicious sangria. We figured you couldn’t have a fiesta without it!

Serve a white and red sangria beside each other in transparent glass jugs or punch bowls so you can admire how pretty your drinks are before they disappear.My mum threw a lovely party (more on that later!) for me on Saturday and she made lots of delicious sangria…there wasn’t any left at the end of the night. These recipes will get you in a fiesta mood!

(Go Long(!) is having a CD release party for their debut album on Sunday September 30th…if I were in Ottawa I would definitely be there, so go enjoy this great trio!)

Mum’s Sangria(s)…

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O Come Let Us Adore Gin [and a Sangria recipe?]

One more exam to go. Just one more little hurdle before I’m free to celebrate the holidays…oh baby. (It’s descriptive inorganic chemistry on Thursday morning, in case you were wondering.) You can be sure that Thursday evening will find me with a festive cocktail in my hand, and this one, “The Number 4” from Joylicious looks amaaaazing (as does her photography).  

I love gin. A good gin and tonic might be one of my favourite drinks to sip on. When I first fell for the G&T I was worried I was turning into my grandmother, but one of my best friends shares the love for Bombay Sapphire, so it’s all good. I’ll have to let you know how my “Number 4” turns out, but in the meantime here’s another seasonal drink that should help keep spirits bright…

Gem-like fruit floats in Autumn Apple White Wine Sangria

Try sipping some Apple White Wine Sangria…