Monday Morning

20130205-004140.jpgJane and I took advantage of our day off and enjoyed a sunny winter’s day at the beautiful beach in Punta Umbria. The few people who walked by were dressed in layers, but the Canuck in me couldn’t resist fully enjoying a February beach day, bikini and all. Hopefully this becomes a Monday morning routine — not sure if there is a better place for a sun salutation.

Sunday in the Country

The teacher that I am working with at the high school in Huelva lives just outside of the city in a town named Aljaraque. I spent Sunday at her property where she and her husband have a property full of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chickens and two adorable dogs. We had lunch outside on the porch and then went for a quick tour around the beach town of Punta Umbria before they dropped me off back in the city with a bag full of white eggplant, tomatoes and peppers from their garden. It was the first really warm day since I’ve been here, and made for a lovely day.