não falo português

imageimageimageWe were perhaps overly optimistic about picking up Portuguese as we explored the country. Not that it has hindered our travels in any real way — we tried to order espresso tonight and received port instead– but we’re working on it. We’ve been impressed by how many Portuguese polyglots we’ve encountered, and most people don’t seem to mind our silly Spanish/French pronunciation as we practice. From Madeira to the Douro we’ve felt very welcome.imageimage
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Noite de Salsa em Portugal

With Huelva’s proximity to Portugal, it’s been at the top of my travel list since I’ve arrived. Turns out it’s a little more expensive to get there than one would think, and the big cities in the north of the country are a bit of a trek from my southern Spanish town. (In any case, I’m still hoping to get there before I’m back in the true north strong and free…thanks for listening to my travel aspirations!)


20130214-235244.jpg A couple weekends ago I got my first taste of Portugal in Albufeira, a part of the touristy and beachy Algarve. We went with five (!!) other buses for a day of dance workshops, good buffets, and open bar, and practiced our new moves as we danced the night away.

20130214-235337.jpg We mostly just saw the inside of our hotel/resort, but the morning after the fiesta we took a quick walk down to the beach. It was beautiful, and empty, and the sea breeze was exactly what three danced out chicas needed to recover.

20130215-005134.jpgHope to see you again pronto, Portugal!