Brownies and Blondies Have More Fun

My twin brother is away partying in New York City, poor child. He is awesome (more on his awesomeness in another post, if he’s nice) and a very cool guy – I love him lots. Not that this defines him in any way, but he has a severe allergy to all nuts. So until fairly recently nuts weren’t even allowed in our house, let alone the kitchen.  Then he went away to work for a couple years after high school and things like tamari almonds, peanut butter, and pistachios invaded my taste buds.  Now that he is back at home, we’ve decontaminated the kitchen and eat any nut products rarely and carefully – he’s not a baby or anything, but obviously we would like to make sure he’s feels comfortable at home! ANYWAYS, I could ramble on about my awesome twin for a while, but the whole point of this is to tell you that since he is away, I wanted to throw some nuts into tonight’s dessert! (Sorry, TShap – the kitchen has been decontaminated for your return!)

Twins in high school

I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy (read: no delayed gratification…), so I went with some good old fashioned brownies and blondies. I’ve made these several times, but this was my first time throwing in some nuts! I picked red walnuts for the blondies, but left the brownies nut free. With nuts or without, these bars make a great, easy and totally satisfying dessert.

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