The Dark (Chocolate) Knight Rises

batmanbatman1It’s a very belated pop culture reference, but I’m too happy with my nerdy wordplay to care. I might be past my trick-or-treating days, but I’m definitely not past Halloween treats (is that even possible?). These don’t involve any sorceress’ spells or ghoulish gore, but they are dangerously delicious — Happy Halloween!batman2 Read On…

Gimme S’more [The Ice Cream Sandwich Edition]

Image29 years ago, Ronald Reagan proclaimed that the third Sunday of July would be known henceforth as International Ice Cream Day — apparently the former president “recognized ice cream as a fun and nutritious food”. Fun? Definitely. Nutritious? Um, that one’s dubious. But whatevs, let’s go with it, because who doesn’t want to celebrate cool desserts and hot summer days?gimmes'more Combine homemade graham crackers, toasted marshmallow ice cream, and dark chocolate and you’ve got your ice cream s’more — won’t really work over a campfire, but delicious just the same.s'moretoastedmarshmallowicecreamObviously, no one should be limited to only one day to celebrate ice cream: July is actually “ice cream month”. So go forth, enjoy, and try your best to avoid brainfreeze. Continue reading