humbler than pie [olive oil apple crisp]

humbler than pie (15 of 15)humbler than pie (14 of 15)A good friend of mine and I sometimes joke about worrying that we peaked in high school. We were just big fish in a little pond, but I sometimes feel that I lost some of the confidence I had after I left that teenage-comfort zone. It might be that I’m overthinking things, or it might just be a part of growing up—maybe a bit of both.

While I often found my undergrad challenging, I find myself occasionally missing the structure that came with the “occupation” of being a student and the kind of certainty it offered; I knew what I was doing with my life for a solid chunk of time (that good ole’ BSc), at least most of the time. And even if I didn’t know what lay ahead after graduation, I had another year or two to think about it, another semester or two, another week or two…

Since graduating, I’ve doubted myself a lot in a way that doesn’t feel like “me”. I’ve given in to mini-cry sessions that creep up on me without warning, and indulged in little pity parties for seemingly no reason. Motivation has been a little low, Netflix usage has gone up. I have learned how to cross stitch. Continue reading

How to Feel About Feeling 22

birthdaycakeI turned 22 last week! When you and many of your friends turn 22 the same year that Taylor Swift comes out with a hit song about that very age, chances are you’ll hear it a lot. I’ll admit to totally loving the song – it’s super catchy, and who doesn’t enjoy a sugary pop song now and then?

Although Taylor’s words are wise, for my 22nd birthday I asked people who know me a little better than she to send me what they would say to a 22 year old. I asked for little “nuggets” of advice; either “words of wisdom” or something they wish they had known when they were 22. I received Chinese proverbs and Shakespearean quotes, wise one liners and whole pages of thoughtful advice…it was really great. How to feel about feeling 22? Read on…