Katies in Haarlem and Utrecht


While in Amsterdam, Kaitlin and I decided we had enough time to venture outside the capital and see a couple of the charming cities nearby. With the speedy trains from Amsterdam Centraal it was easy and cheap to get there, and I’m glad we got to see a couple other Dutch canals.

20130408-202611.jpgIn Haarlem, we spent the morning strolling through the Grote market, and admiring the 14th century St-Bavo’s cathedral (with Kaitlin as my tour guide). We found a windmill (a goal of ours in Holland) and went back to the train station to spend the afternoon in Utrecht.

20130409-144513.jpgOnce in Utrecht, a pigeon promptly pooped on my shoulder, but I got over it…

20130409-144922.jpgIn Utrecht you can walk down right alongside the canals, so we wandered and stopped for a coffee by the water. After wandering some more we found the oldest house in the city, we where they brew their beer in the basement.

It was the perfect day trip from the city; an easy train ride out to quieter towns before going back to Amsterdam for our last night out.


Cheeseheads and Jenever [A Taste of Amsterdam]

absintheOne of the great things about traveling with my old friend Kaitlin through Amsterdam (aside from the fact that I love her, obviously), is that she understands hangry (hungry + angry, totally a real thing and I’m not pleasant to be around if I’m in such a state).  So we happily snacked on nuts and fruit as we wandered around the city and saved our pennies for a few quality meals, a cheese tasting and several Dutch drinks… Here are a few places that we were big fans of — I’m no Amsterdam expert, but if you’re in town I think it is worth checking these ones out!  Continue reading