home again, home again

hometown glorybackyard peonyThe more I see of this world, the more connected I feel to it, and yet the bigger it seems. The more I jump around, the more I appreciate the comfort of having a place and a city and people that feel like home, and the more I yearn to leave it to see other places. It’s thrilling to be far away from everything familiar and realize that we share things in common with people half way across the world. But, eventually I’m thrilled at the thought of coming back to the stillness of what I know. Travel is full of paradoxes. …not an original thought, I’m sure.mum&dadmusical ride Just as I was starting to feel a little bit weary of living out of my bag, we landed back home in Ottawa. Admitedly it’s totally premature Continue reading

Summer’s Last Hurrah [Moosewood’s Gazpacho]

20130830-150724.jpg20130830-150746.jpg20130830-150800.jpg20130830-150846.jpgLabour Day Weekend: Summer’s Last Hurrah. Enjoy the sun. Take those fresh tomatoes from your garden or the market and turn them into a cool Spanish soup. And, if you’re in Ottawa, go catch these two great exhibits before they close.

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