Walking On Sunshine

There isn’t anything particularly special about today. It’s a regular Wednesday and I’ve been at work for most of it.

But it was beautiful outside.  One of the first real fall-like days; crisp and sunny. Not cold yet, but sweater weather. And the sunny day turned into one of the clearest, starry nights.  Even with the lights in the suburbs you can make out crystal clear constellations.

I had lunch with my step-grandma, and then coffee with my cousin.  I don’t see either of them often, and it was lovely.

I went out for my last dinner in Ottawa (for now!) with two of my closest girlfriends.

The hair that Dunlop chewed off of his back paw is growing back and he no longer has to wear a sock to cover that hot spot!

I leave for Spain in six days.  I am excited and nervous, and ready to go and a little afraid of doing so. But mostly excited!

My cousins from Vancouver sent me the cutest, funniest, homemade pre-travel care package.

My family and friends make me so very happy. I’m such a lucky kid, and so grateful.

There is nothing particularly special about today, but I couldn’t be happier.

Single(s) For A Day

Single(s) For A Day

Meet my friend Dylan. Aside from being an all around awesome gal, she also happens to have very cool taste in music and makes THE best mix tapes ever.

So if you’re like me and can’t study without tunes in the background, or if you just want to chill to some great music I would highly recommend giving Dylan’s mixes a listen.

That gorgeous picture of Dylan was taken by another great friend of mine, Kylie.
Goodness, I have such talented friends.