Home Sweet Home

I’m baaaack. Arrived home just in time to start back at my summer job — a two day work week, so very strenuous!

Ireland was great. Learned so much more about the country’s history and we also learned that my mum’s Irish last name derives from the Gaelic for “half leper” or “of the sick”…how lovely!
I can’t imagine that I would ever sign myself up to hike for more than a day (two max!), so I guess I’ve got to thank my Dad for throwing me out on to the trail! I was worried we wouldn’t be left with enough time in Dublin, but we managed to pack a lot in. What a cool city. We had a small window of opportunity when our whole family could travel together, so I’m really glad we had this trip. I’m a lucky gal!

Molly Malone: “The Tart With The Cart” on Grafton Street in Dublin

Now that I’m home I’m really looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend, some tennis in the sun, and celebrating my wonderful mum! Also pretty excited for the spring edition of the Ottawa Locavore Artisan Food Fair.  If you live in Ottawa you have to check this out! I went to their last one around Christmas time and it was great! I’m sure this one will only be more popular.  Stone Soup Foodworks, who I’ve raved about before, will be there as well as many, many other celebrated artisans. What a great first weekend back in  town, hope yours is too!

Hello from County Galway!

We arrived at the Shannon airport bright and early Sunday morning and hopped on a bus to Galway and then off to Oughterard. Since then we’ve been hiking from one B&B to the next, stopping in the little towns we pass through to see the sites, and for tasty dinners at the end of the day (with a pint of Guinness, of course!). The Irish hospitality has been absolutely lovely, and the rugged landscapes are stunning. I decided to travel light, so my laptop is at home and I won’t be able to upload any pictures until we return (the horror!). So, I’ll leave you with this snapshot from my iPhone savvy brother — the best way to soothe tired muscles after a few days of hiking through the Irish countryside? The Connemara Seaweed Baths should do the trick…


Today was our first full day of sunshine, I’m hoping we can keep it with us for the rest of our rambling! Two more days of hiking and then we’re off to explore Dublin, any suggestions??