Dinner at Fatima’s

20130327-091912.jpgAren’t the most “authentic” moments of your travels the most memorable ones? Our lovely guide in Cappadocia, Medine, made sure we got a taste of the local culture in all the small villages we visited during our stay. Luckily for us, her friend, Fatima, was hospitable enough to host us and Medine’s family for dinner last night and served us a delicious feast of traditional food from their village, Ayvali in Ürgüp. Stuffed pumpkin flowers, Turkish wedding soup, salads, and sweet apricots…everything was hearty, fresh, and delicious.

20130328-012507.jpgMedine’s young children were incredibly cute, and her five year old daughter, Yaren, and I had a bit of a photoshoot (she was a very enthusiastic model!).

20130328-012656.jpgThank you Medine, and to your family and Fatima’s family for a lovely evening! Sağol!




Sunday Dinner [Red Lentil Soups]

After making a sufficient mess in the kitchen this weekend, some lovely gals came over for Sunday dinner. I love playing hostess, and am super lucky to have friends who act as my cooking guinea pigs! The menu was a little bit haphazard, but the outcome was a warm, hearty and healthy meal with good friends, which is the most important part!

This red lentil soup is very simple to prepare, but with a drizzle of the spiced oil on top and garnished with a sprig of coriander, it will look like you slaved over the stove.
Serve up some soup! And see the rest of the random dinner menu…