Coming Up: A Taste of the Arctic

My lunch break yesterday was a departure from my regular sandwich or salad. Instead, I sampled pitsi and maktaaq and tuttuminiq quaq.

…Intrigued? Then you might want to check out A Taste of the Arctic! (That’s dried Arctic char, beluga skin, and raw caribou, if you were wondering.)

taste of the arctic previewAs I munched on (more than a few) pieces of candied Arctic char, I watched as meat was expertly  sliced with sharp ulus, traditional Inuit made blades, and learned more about Inuit culinary customs (apparently the eye of the fish is a treat that people fight over!).

Bannock, the quintessential bread, was the only food on offer that was familiar to me, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the new things I tried. One of the ulu-yielding women drew similarities between the raw fish and meat we were eating and Asian sushi, something that doesn’t seem so unfamiliar. Raw, smoked, dried, candied, or frozen, it was neat to see fish and meat prepared in so many ways on one table. (The most traditional way being “pulled straight out of the water and served” I was told — talk about catch of the day.)james bay (3 of 3)

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Cordoba’s Alcazar, By Day & By Night

Like the rest of Cordoba, the Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos is a place steeped in history.

20121028-014732.jpg It is, deservedly, one of the city’s top sites. The Alcazar’s gardens, the remains of the Arab baths, and the palace itself are all reminders of how great Cordoba must have been in its prime. The view from the towers over the city and of the mosque across the way are beautiful.


20121101-014053.jpgImpressively, the grandeur of the Alcazar by day is outdone by the nightly water, sound and light show. A guided tour that took us through the grounds, the history of the Alcazar and the different cultures that ruled in Cordoba brought the castle grounds to life and make for a very memorable tourist activity.




20121101-015139.jpgMy twin is an awesome travel buddy and is usually in charge of the camera when we’re on the go — so thanks for these great shots, TShap! xx