Overwhelmed Under the Arches: La Mezquita, Cordoban Highlights, and a Clementine Cake

Looking up at the iconic arches in the mosque.

During my second year of university I took a little break from a full science course load and took some artsy electives.  One of my favourite classes was ‘Intro to Spanish Culture’ — our teacher, an enthusiastic academic from Andalucia, had me captivated after the first class.  Shortly thereafter I heard about this language assistant program in Spain, I applied the following year, and now here I am! Crazy.
One of the images I remembered the most from that class was that of the great mosque in Cordoba.  TShap and I ended up going back there twice, we were so amazed by the structure and the history of the building (plus, tourist tip! the entry is free from 8:30-10am!).  Although the mosque really is fantastic to see, many tours make it the only stop, and I would recommend staying to see the rest of this beautiful town.  From the Jewish quarter, to the Alcazar, to the gorgeous patios at Palacio de Viana, there is a lot to see. Catch a flamenco show, try some bull’s tail stew, and enjoy!

Craftsman at work at the Zocco Market

Looking into one of the patios at the Palacio de Viana.

This cake showcases two of the most abundant ingredients in Andalucia: citrus and olive oil.  This was my first weekend without traveling;  I enjoyed some downtime (and partying) at ‘home’ in Huelva and baked for the first time since I’ve been in Spain — it felt nice!  I was a little nervous with how using our new oven for the first time would go but this cake worked out so well! I was very pleased.  

Flamenco concert in Cordoba

Trying Rabo del Torro…I was wary but it was delicious.

Great travel buddy and photographer, twin:)

Clementine Olive Oil Cake with Dark Chocolate Chunks

Cordoba’s Alcazar, By Day & By Night

Like the rest of Cordoba, the Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos is a place steeped in history.

20121028-014732.jpg It is, deservedly, one of the city’s top sites. The Alcazar’s gardens, the remains of the Arab baths, and the palace itself are all reminders of how great Cordoba must have been in its prime. The view from the towers over the city and of the mosque across the way are beautiful.


20121101-014053.jpgImpressively, the grandeur of the Alcazar by day is outdone by the nightly water, sound and light show. A guided tour that took us through the grounds, the history of the Alcazar and the different cultures that ruled in Cordoba brought the castle grounds to life and make for a very memorable tourist activity.




20121101-015139.jpgMy twin is an awesome travel buddy and is usually in charge of the camera when we’re on the go — so thanks for these great shots, TShap! xx


Té en Cordoba


My twin brother is visiting me this week and we are spending this weekend in Cordoba!
After a busy day of sightseeing in the city, we’re taking a quick break at this lovely Moroccan tea house before exploring some more — this is my first time posting from my iPhone!
It’s also our first time couch surfing and so far it’s a great experience.

This year was the first time (the last “first time” I’ll mention here, I promise!) Thomas and I were apart for our birthday so I was super excited to find out he was joining me in Spain just a few days after:) Looking forward to sharing more with my many loyal followers (Hi mum!)…hasta luego! xx