For Dad [Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies]

My first time in a kayak,  with Dad, circa 1995.

My first time in a kayak, with Dad, circa 1995.

It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday. He’s the man who’s got me out on more hiking trails than I can count, on cross country skis and skates, in kayaks and canoes. He’s taught me about everything from board games, to Monty Python, math, and growing snow peas. He’s incredibly supportive, and can be incredibly sarcastic. From him I inherited my love of word games and Jesus Christ Superstar. We sing around the house, and once performed a wonderfully awkward duet from The Phantom of the Opera. He’s one of my favourite travel buddies. I think he’s pretty cool.brownbutterchocochipDad’s made a few appearances here before, in the shape of his famous (in this house, anyway!) garlic tomatoes, du Puy lentils, and oatmeal bread. But even the healthiest man gets a craving for a buttery dessert sometimes. So when he told my mum he really felt like good old chocolate chip cookies, she whipped up a batch of the tastiest brown butter chocolate chip cookies(recipe courtesy of Joy the Baker) to accompany our favourite standby chocolate cake to celebrate. dad'scookies So Daddy-o, happy, happy birthday (!!), here’s to you and many more years to celebrate. xox

Weekends Are Too Short [Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies]

Some things are just good. Like Girls (which I’ve only just discovered, thanks to my girls), car karaoke times, girl getaway weekends, homemade sangria, dressing up for a classy dinner, dancing at the bar til it feels like a workout, and, oatmeal cookies. In my mind, these things are all kind of related. It’s like, after a weekend of all those things, an oatmeal cookie is the perfect, old-fashioned, comforting ending. I think I’m getting a little too poetic about this oatmeal cookie.  But I hope your weekends were lovely. Mine was, and Monday morning seems like a very cruel thought right now. Might have to have an oatmeal cookie for breakfast.

If it’s as steamy where you live as it is in Ottawa lately then it is probably way too hot to consider using your oven…so why don’t you just keep these cookies in mind the next time you’re able to move around your kitchen without sweating. (Or! Wake up early and bake before it’s hot and then you can have a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie when the sun comes up. I wish I was more of a morning person.)

If you’re more of a raisin than choco chip person when it comes to oatmeal cookies that’s cool, too. Or dried cranberries (kind of good for Christmas, right?).

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies