¡Carnaval de Cádiz!


I arrived in Cádiz tired from the work week and thinking maybe all this Carnaval business was a little overhyped…

20130224-212252.jpgMadre mia, was I wrong. Cádiz woke me up and showed me an amazing time. A crazy, ridiculous, unforgettable time.

20130224-213149.jpgYes, it is basically just a huge street party and yes, the streets are soaked by everyone’s pee (disgusting, I know. But one of Carnaval’s unique charms?), but it is so much more than just a street party (am I making sense?). Everyone is in costume. There is music everywhere; choirs being driven through the streets on wagons, and chirigotas (ensembles of singers) performing at every street corner, plaza, and on church steps. Everybody comes out to play. And I mean everybody: children, grandparents, families, students, belligerent young people– people from Cádiz, from all over Spain, and from all over the world. The sheer amount of people is impressive, but what struck me the most was just the joy in the streets. Everyone is out to have a good time and you’re bound to make new friends by the end of the night.


20130225-004237.jpgIt doesn’t hurt that Cádiz is a beautiful sea side city…see you there for Carnaval 2014?