Going Beyond the Pale [Beer Brownies]

btp (20)Beyond the Pale Brewing Company turned two last weekend! (Come celebrate our beerthday with us!)btpbtp (25)
There was a post from the brewery at the top of my Facebook newsfeed one morning in July; they were looking to hire. I didn’t know much about BTP except that I loved their beer and their ‘help wanted’ ad made me chuckle, and so I sent off my application (which included some brewtal beer puns). A couple pints and two interviews later, I found myself working at this great little brewery in Hintonburg.diving for mash
After spending the first part of my summer travelling and being funemployed, starting at BTP certainly felt like a change of pace, but a mighty fun one. (My mum, who hated me going around saying that I was “funemployed”, likes to joke that I became “funnERemployed”.) Compared to my past few summers at a student government job it was a huge change of pace. …I sell beer. I don’t brew (yet?!), although I do occasionally zest the grapefruit that goes in to Pink Fuzz, so I like to think I have some part in the beer creation. Sometimes muscles are sore at the end of a long day (beer is heavy!), and some of the initial novelty of working at a brewery might have worn off a little bit, but overall it’s just been a ton of fun. The friendly bunch at BTP was super welcoming and has been a hoot to work with. I’m learning more than I thought I’d ever know about beer, I get to talk to people all day who are as excited about the craft brewing scene as we are, put my social media addiction skills (#employability?) to good use (you can follow along with the brewery here, here, and here), and it’s been great to meet all these wonderful people in an industry that I’m happy to be a tiny part of.btp (11) Click to continue reading…

Whistler Wonderland [Two Bite Brownies]

peak2peaktreetopswhistler2As a proud Canuck, friends always seemed surprised when I told them I had never downhill skied before (one highschool friend’s reaction was to tell me that I wasn’t as “cultured” as she thought I was). Happily, I was able to check that off my bucketlist just before the end of 2013 with a family trip out to beautiful British Columbia. Guided down the Whistler Blackcomb mountains by my talented skiing cousins and aunt (the same aunt who makes some of my favourite granola), we beginners all progressed to blue runs before the end of our ski week and even attempted some small moguls (most of which I managed to stay on my feet for). With only one nasty bruise, I’d say my first skiing experience was a success and I can’t wait to try again!sunnypines Continue reading

Brownies and Blondies Have More Fun

My twin brother is away partying in New York City, poor child. He is awesome (more on his awesomeness in another post, if he’s nice) and a very cool guy – I love him lots. Not that this defines him in any way, but he has a severe allergy to all nuts. So until fairly recently nuts weren’t even allowed in our house, let alone the kitchen.  Then he went away to work for a couple years after high school and things like tamari almonds, peanut butter, and pistachios invaded my taste buds.  Now that he is back at home, we’ve decontaminated the kitchen and eat any nut products rarely and carefully – he’s not a baby or anything, but obviously we would like to make sure he’s feels comfortable at home! ANYWAYS, I could ramble on about my awesome twin for a while, but the whole point of this is to tell you that since he is away, I wanted to throw some nuts into tonight’s dessert! (Sorry, TShap – the kitchen has been decontaminated for your return!)

Twins in high school

I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy (read: no delayed gratification…), so I went with some good old fashioned brownies and blondies. I’ve made these several times, but this was my first time throwing in some nuts! I picked red walnuts for the blondies, but left the brownies nut free. With nuts or without, these bars make a great, easy and totally satisfying dessert.

Recipes here!