The Malta Experience

20130520-154551.jpgOur wishes came true and the sun shone down on us for our last two days in Malta.20130520-155031.jpg20130520-154958.jpgWe ate traditional Maltese rabbit dishes by the bay in Saint-Julian, and had a couple ridiculous nights in Paceville, followed by ridiculously cheap after-bar food (which was so delicious, and is non-existent in Huelva!), and spent our last two days by the water; first on the sand at Golden Bay, and to end our trip, a day by the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino.20130520-155436.jpg20130520-155649.jpgThe Blue Lagoon was my favourite part. We hiked away from the main beach where the boats docked and over some rocky terrain (not made for our sandals) to find a secluded little cove. We swam through caves and re-applied sunscreen about every 15 minutes. The water was cold and crystal clear– the colours looked photoshopped. One of our more adventurous friends cliff jumped… The rest of us cheered him on. 20130520-155828.jpgAll in all, it was a great getaway to the Cisk drinking, left-side of the road driving, culturally ambiguous (Maltese? British? Italian? All good!) island of Malta. The joys of travel!20130520-160315.jpg20130520-160258.jpg20130520-160228.jpg

Beach Clean in Mazagon

20130506-022125.jpgMy ninth graders and I spent Friday cleaning a beautiful beach, Cuesta De Maneli, in Mazagon. Although the area itself is stunning– a boardwalk winds through sand dunes to the beach below– there was a surprising amount of trash. We filled over twenty big garbage bags (as the students squealed in disgust when they found increasingly yucky things) and although it was hot, stinky work, the day went by quickly and we rewarded ourselves with an afternoon spent in the ocean and siesta-ing on the beach. Not bad for a school field trip…20130506-022800.jpg20130506-022828.jpgThe tricky part came when we had to lug the garbage bags two kilometres back over the sand dunes to the parking lot. I was informed by the students that it should be considered “explotación infantil”, but we made it.20130506-023420.jpg20130506-023449.jpg20130506-023736.jpg20130506-023751.jpg

Monday Morning

20130205-004140.jpgJane and I took advantage of our day off and enjoyed a sunny winter’s day at the beautiful beach in Punta Umbria. The few people who walked by were dressed in layers, but the Canuck in me couldn’t resist fully enjoying a February beach day, bikini and all. Hopefully this becomes a Monday morning routine — not sure if there is a better place for a sun salutation.