Night at Le Nordik [Goat Cheese Guacamole]

Photos from Le Nordik

We spent the night rotating through the different pools, saunas and steam baths — venturing a couple times into the colder baths and under the frigid waterfall. We even got to experience the Aufguss ritual; which I almost giggled through since our “Sauna Meister” was working in time with some dramatic music, but it was definitely refreshing and relaxing.  While I wish I could incorporate a visit to le Nordik into my life regularly, that probably won’t be happening on my student budget (someday, someday!).

With that student budget in mind, we didn’t eat anything at the yummy looking spa restaurant so I was getting hungry by the time I was home.  A Facebook friend had posted this really tasty sounding snack (thanks, Robin!)  earlier in the day, and there happened to be ripe avocados at home — fate!
My love for avocados seems to be pretty well documented on this blog — there are now four avocado focussed recipes posted, out of 61 total.  That means that just over 6% of all my posted recipes star avocados. I guess it doesn’t really mean anything exciting statistically, but I do love avocado.
Goat Cheese Guacamole