Cheeseheads and Jenever [A Taste of Amsterdam]

absintheOne of the great things about traveling with my old friend Kaitlin through Amsterdam (aside from the fact that I love her, obviously), is that she understands hangry (hungry + angry, totally a real thing and I’m not pleasant to be around if I’m in such a state).  So we happily snacked on nuts and fruit as we wandered around the city and saved our pennies for a few quality meals, a cheese tasting and several Dutch drinks… Here are a few places that we were big fans of — I’m no Amsterdam expert, but if you’re in town I think it is worth checking these ones out!  Continue reading

Katies In Amsterdam


I’ve been in Amsterdam for the past four days with one of my best friends from home (Kaitlin, also known as Katie), and we’ve been having a ball.


20130303-163858.jpgHeading back to sunny Spain tomorrow morning and looking forward to sharing more of this beautiful city with you — happy, happy Sunday!!