(XO)llent Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day is coming right up (as in tomorrow!), and I love it.  No, I don’t like the overly corny marketing and yes, if you love someone you should show it all year ’round. But despite all the reasons so many people love to hate it, I’m a fan. I mean really, no matter your relationship status, there’s always someone you can send a little special love to. Family, friends, the puppy…all good candidates for getting a shoutout on the day of love. 

Sugar cookies should be simple; the appeal lies in the old-fashioned sweet buttery goodness.  This recipe (which is really an awesome master recipe for about 14 variations — I went with regular and toasted coconut this time) is great for beginner bakers and experienced cookie monsters alike.  These cookies freeze really well, so you can start making your holiday cookies wayyyy in advance! (One day I will be that organized.)

 Another reason why I love Valentine’s Day might lie in my weird penchant for conversation hearts. I know, they don’t even taste that great, but I bet if they were home made they would be delicious! Check out this recipe for the little treats, sounds awesome! http://bravetart.com/recipes/ConversationHeartsGF

You could ice these sugar cookies with some colourful royal icing to make your own conversation hearts; all the fun of a conversation heart in a cookie! Yum.
Want to show someone a little love? Say it with sugar…

the BEST gingerbread

There is so much I love about the holiday season but a house smelling like gingerbread is definitely at the top of my list. I go a little gingerbread crazy: loafs, muffins, cakes, and of course, cookies…it’s a recipe for holiday cheer.

My mum has been using this gingerbread cookie recipe for the past decade or so, and it never fails.  We’ve used it for straightforward cookies, (very yummy) tree ornaments and gingerbread houses. Festive, and oh-so-delicious! See the recipe here: Enjoy!

The loveliest (and yummiest!) ornaments on the tree.

Roll the dough on a piece of parchment dusted with flour.These cookies don't spread when they bake, so you can fit lots of them onto the baking sheet.

This recipe is easy to halve or double (or triple!) so you can make lots and they freeze well for a month or two! (Possibly longer, but they never stay hidden longer than that in my house…)

The perfect treat to go with a hot holiday drink.