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A happy generalist. Budding environmental scientist, singer, mediocre tennis player & hopeful kitchen goddess.

Life, Lately

20140614-184744.jpg20140614-185029.jpg20140614-185120.jpgWhen it comes to blogging on the go I tend to either really be on the ball, organizing pictures and drafting posts on trains and planes, orrrr I go a little MIA and plan a list of posts for when I’m back in one spot. Recently I’ve been a sloth-like blogger with recipes and drafts piling up on my laptop. If virtual files could collect dust, these might make you sneeze. 20140614-185440.jpg20140614-185543.jpgBut, I’ll spare you the apologetic schpiel I used to give my journal when I’d neglected recording the fascinating happenings regularly in my life. In short, I’ve had some great times in Spain, Scotland, Alaska, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto…and back at home in Canada’s capital. Hopefully I’ll get some regular action up on here– sorry to my millions of fans I’ve been neglecting. Right now I’m in Montreal for a weekend that is a little bittersweet–we’re celebrating my grandmother’s life, who passed away in March, and enjoying having the entire clan together. I hope your weekends are wonderful, wherever in the world you might be. xo20140614-190029.jpg20140614-190103.jpg20140614-190221.jpg

Ottawa Race Weekend Cookies

healthy cookiesI can’t believe I have lived in Ottawa my whole life and had never run in the race weekend before! And I can’t believe I had so much fun! After running a (mediocre) 5km without training and with a smile on my face, I’m now determined to run a 10k road race in the next year. (Or having just read this maybe I’ll focus on fast fives?) …and maybe my determination will be helped by the fact that I’m announcing it on the internet. Resolutions, millennium style. pre-raceThere were some pretty ominous clouds pre-race, but the thunder showers that were predicted kindly stayed away and the sun came out every once in a while. The atmosphere was just so positive — I couldn’t believe how many people were out cheering along the entire race route (which is beautiful, by the way –Ottawa is so pretty), and some of their signs made me laugh out loud as I jogged along. In fact, I think I could probably drastically improve my time if I didn’t swerve around the road to get pictures of my favourite signs and high-five their makers. (Also, I’d like to point out that for taking pictures as I ran, they aren’t terribly out of focus!)ottawa race weekend!These little cookies are super. We keep a large batch in the freezer and grab them to go with afternoon tea or for pre/post-gym snacks. …well, they were my pre-run snack on race weekend. Our post-race snack ended up involving stopping by The Brewery Market and pizza at Tennesy Willems. We carbo loaded like we were running several marathons the next day. Maybe not the best game plan to keep up a health-streak, but a pretty great Saturday.carb loading...to the maxcookie doughteatime Click for recipe

Chasing the Sunrise

5:30am parliament from nepean pointsunrise looking to quebecyoungsunriseIt felt like a little adventure to be wandering downtown before the rest of the city woke up. Luckily I have a friend who doesn’t think I’m crazy when I say I’m on a mission to see the sunrise, so I had great company (thanks, Young!). The morning rain paused just long enough for the sun to make a cameo in between the clouds hogging the stage, and the soft glow on the Parliament buildings made the 4:30 alarm worth it (although I might only feel that way because I was able to have a nap later…). There are perks to early mornings. Here’s to summer sunrises.

Sevilla, tres veces [salmorejo cordobés]

When spending a night in Sevilla seems old hat, you know you’re spoiled.sevilla1salmorejo1While living in Huelva last year, going to Sevilla somehow became part of the travel “routine”, just a necessary stop to catch a plane or a train onto the next destination.
But, of course, Sevilla never gets old. Even the city’s oldest landmarks can fill you with awe, whether it’s your first or fifth time strolling by. The city is small enough that you can get around on foot all day–soak up the sun and the culture while working up an appetite to stop for tapas and cold drinks along the cobblestoned streets.sevilla4sevilla3sevilla2 Continue reading…

On Tinder and Salad

So, I have Tinder. And I’ve been using it. But, that is a story for another post or even another (anonymous?) blog. My mum is my number one reader here (hi, ma!).

Anyway, the other night I was out for dinner and my date (a very nice guy, in case you’re reading! Edit! I’ve been told by a guy friend that calling a date a “very nice guy” is “brutal” and if I want a second date I should at least say he was charming. So, you were nice AND charming…) who had found my blog before he met me, asked me what my favourite food to make was. And what did I say? Salad. …I then proceeded to rhapsodise about the different kinds of salads I liked to make, about my current favourite with warm potatoes and arugula and black olive tapenade (seriously, that will be another post), before deciding that I should probably stop gushing about vegetables.jerusalem salad Continue reading…

From Madrid to Granola

Madrid sunshinemadrid poodleAfter a rather unfortunate (read: embarrassing and expensive) start to my travels, a weekend that revolved around a brunch reservation in Madrid was wonderfully restorative.  The concept of brunch seems to be taking off in Spain’s capital and my friend Britney picked out a fun little spot: The Toast Cafe (this seems like a trendy name for a Spanish brunch spot, actually), where their brunch menu includes a primero plato of a massive fluffy pancake AND a segundo plato of picante huevos rancheros…we practically rolled out of there we were so full by the end of it.thetoasthuevos rancheros at toast cafeThe sun was shining, brunch was bright, and we wandered around the city until an equally delicious dinner.  It was all about catching up and good food. Mostly talking about boys…so, a weekend of food and girl talk. Priorities! (Gracias, mi hermana!) Continue reading…